Finnish Honey & Forest Flavours

We have wrapped the beautiful flavours of our Nordic forests into the new METTÄ flavoured honeys!

The honey we use is a high quality, pure and natural 100% Finnish honey. Its production helps to support natural diversity and sustainable small business development. 

Our delightful METTÄ Honey & Forest Flavours product range consist of four amazing flavourful experiences, Finnish pure honey combined with wild blueberry, fresh and bright green spruce sprouts, excitingly zesty rowan berry and delightfully sour wild lingonberry. Get to know to the products:

honey forest flavoursEnjoy our naturally flavoured honeys with hot drinks, desserts, smoothies, porridges or however you like to use natural sweeteners. Why not try as a spread on top of toasted bread or salted crackers?

Our Honey 

The honey used in METTÄ products is 100% Finnish, highest quality honey from small suppliers. Our Forest Honey is produced for us by Nordic Bee Co., which operates in Uusimaa.

The bee colonies are located on the edges of fields which are used for organic production or the plants in the field are not ones that are used by bees as food plants. Natural ingredients such as formic, oxalic and thymolic acids as well as essential oils are used to prevent bee diseases. Nordic Bee Co will become part of the organic certification program in 2022, as will METTÄ Honey Products.

The bee hives are made of domestic wood. The perimeters used inside the nests are also domestic wood and the beeswax is mainly own or domestic production. At all stages of production, the aim is to produce without plastics in order to avoid microplastics and to minimize the burden on our environment. 

METTÄ Forest Honeys are soft and fine-grained honey. According to the Finnish Honey Regulation, honey must not be heated. Thus, all the METTÄ Forest Honeys are essentially so-called raw honey, although this label is not to be used in marketing in Finland. Finnish Honey is a particularly pure, unpasteurized, natural product with nothing ever added to it. The properties of honey always include natural crystallization.

Forest Flavours

The spruce and berries we use to flavor our honeys are also 100% Finnish and mostly freeze-dried. Freeze-drying safeguards the aromas and nutrients of the berries in the best way in comparison to other preservation methods.

Using of honey products supports biodiversity, and helps preserve forests and meadows in their original state.

Is there something you’d like to know about our honeys? Get in touch and ask us!