METTÄ = A traditional Finnish word for forest

METTÄ Finnish Forest
METTÄ is born out of our desire to share the pure, pristine and exciting flavours of Nordic forests with the rest of the world, to share a piece of the Nordic forest magic. We aspire to do this in the best possible way, sharing only the highest quality, completely pure ingredients in their natural form with nothing added to them and providing them in a sustainable and responsible manner. 
You may know us from our roots at Helsinki Wildfoods, our collective where we began this journey by rediscovering the the delicious and nutritious natural foods from our forests. Welcome to continue this story with us at METTÄ. 
So why are we do keen about Nordic ingredients? Because here in the Nordics, we are lucky to hold home to the cleanest nature in the world. We have an abundance of natural superfoods that grow from the cleanest soil, fed by the cleanest air and water and are strengthened by the midnight sun. This makes them that extra bit great, packed with nutrients and flavours. 
mettä wild food

Wild food is so much more than just weeds. It is a lifestyle that invites you on a journey to a wellness oasis that lurks in our backyards, filled with superfood and nature’s wonders. Wild foods is a hobby that flavours and nourishes your home cooking. In addition, it nurtures your body naturally with functional exercise and relaxation – wildfulness. Through our Helsinki Wildfoods collective, we also offer wild herb courses, e-books, webinars and all kinds of content related to pushing this wild food revolution further! Please contact us for workshop inquiries.

Direct from Nordic Forests

mettä bilberry
At METTÄ, our mission is to share the natural superfoods our Nordic nature provides us from herbs, berries and mushrooms with the rest of the world. 
Quality is our promise to you. We offer only the highest quality products, direct to you from the Nordic forests. All our products are 100% natural, we use absolutely no additives or preservatives. We carefully select our ingredients and package them in quality and sustainably to protect their naturally delicate aromas and contents. METTÄ invites you on an adventure, a small escape if you like, into the Nordic pure and pristine forest, right from your home kitchen.  

Rooted in responsibility and transparency

We love our forests and our nature and we do the best we can to respect it so that our adventures into the METTÄ (forest)  can continue in harmony and balance.
Our ingredients are sourced with the highest focus on responsibility and we build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers. Together, we work hard to make sure our whole chain of production works responsibly and safeguards the highest quality ingredients. We have personally and carefully selected each of our suppliers. We know each of them and we know where our products come from, we can trace them to their roots and we can trust in their quality. 
We are proud to provide our flavours in packages that are 100% compostable and can be disposed of with biowaste. This way, the culinary adventure can be thoroughly enjoyed, knowing we are doing all we can to provide sustainable enjoyment. Once opened, our packages can be resealed and will protect your natural gold. Read more about our ingredients and packaging here. 
We are always working on developing our products and our packaging to be even better, and even more sustainable. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with suggestions and tips!

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