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Our purpose is to bring the clean, pure, nutrient-rich and healthy Finnish ingredients into the lives of people around the world. We want to give these natural superfoods the visibility and the spot at the table that they deserve and the connection the our beautiful nature we all thrive on. Our recipe is simple: flavours from the cleanest nature in the world, packaged carefully in quality and brought to your home kitchen. 100% natural, no additives or preservatives are ever used. Packed in ecological, 100% compostable pouches, we pride ourselves on being responsible and respecting what nature offers us. 

Join us on a culinary adventure into the Nordic forest!
Annika & Roosa from Finland

METTÄ product sortiment:

Nordic Sweeteners, Berry Xylitols
Nordic, all natural low calorie sweeteners with added berry benefits from Finland. Perfect for sweetening teas and smoothies or sprinkled on top of pancakes, yogurt and porridge. Xylitol is an excellent substitute for white sugar, contains 40% less calories and has a low GI.
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Functional Herbal Teas
Our Functional Herbal Teas are all natural mixtures of the best and carefully selected Finnish plants, caffein-free and target specific needs; insomnia, fatigue, detox and immunity. Unique, exciting mixtures of flavours from Finnish nature. We also offer beautiful pre-packed gift collections. We are always working to make our sortiment even more delicious and enticing.
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 Nordic Salts and Seasonings 

Our Salts and Seasonings are mixes of the finest, natural gourmet salts and Finnish herbs and mushrooms. Easy to use, easy to enjoy and easy to integrate into your lifestyle. Benefit from exciting new flavours from Nettle and Porcini and let your mind wander to the Nordic forest. 
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METTÄ Availability in Japan

Rakuten Market
Nishimura Wine Shop (importer, contact for specific Japan sales related questions)
Metsä Village Laavu Shop

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