New METTÄ products from the Finnish forests

We are so excited about what's happening in our product development, we just have to share some of the excitement with you!

This year, we are focusing on our  "Functional Herbal Teas" range which consists of 4 powerful products. These herbal teas are all natural, caffeine-free and they each have a special super power, or a purpose:

Calm Sleep Herbal Tea calms and relaxes your body and mind for the night

Good Morning Herbal Tea refreshes and invigorates your body and mind for the new day 

Forest Detox Herbal Tea fights your flu, supports your immune system and pushes aside any fatigue

Green Cleanse Herbal Tea gets your metabolism going to reduce bloating and leave you feeling light and energized

Nordic Berry Bites

We have also been exploring totally new product ideas focused particularly on  export markets. We are super delighted to share an upcoming launch of a product family called "Berry Bites"! These newbies to our family of products are 100% natural and healthy, gourmet snacks made of Finnish berries. 

METTÄ berry bites

Product development is still a work in progress, but already we can share that Berry Bites will be 100% natural, no added sugar, no additives, delicious berry-fruit bites from Nordic forests. A healthy gourmet snack to pamper yourself and a perfect gift. Packed sustainably in our compostable pouch. Berry Bites will be made using freeze-dry technology in order to preserve the flavours and the healthy and beneficial properties of the raw ingredients. 

We plan to launch Berry Bites for testing with selected retailers in the spring of 2020 and for all our customers in autumn 2020. Most likely, there will be 3 delicious flavours, made of only a few high quality ingredients. Think simple, tasty, healthy and perfect on the go or enjoyed slowly. 

 METTä berry bites