Functional Finnish Herbal Teas 

We like to keep things interesting and exciting at METTÄ nordic. We are an innovative team and one of our passions is definitely bringing new flavours, new types of culinary adventures and new experiences to our customers. We promise to provide only the highest quality, only the purest of ingredients with nothing extra ever added and nothing taken away.


Come the new year, we have some exciting news to share!

Next year, we will be focusing on our Functional Finnish Herbal Tea range. If you’ve been following us on our journey, you’d know that we already have a few functional herbal teas in our range. Earlier this year, we have began the Functional Herbal Tea journey with the addition of the Good Morning Herbal Tea. It’s been a welcome and loved partner to our Calm Sleep Herbal Tea. Together, these two have given us the confidence and the inspiration to develop this line of products a little further, to bring just a little more goodness and healthy benefits to our customers on this culinary adventure with us!

Functional herbal teas are an easy to integrate nutritious and delicious Nordic forest flavours into your lifestyle.

Please meet our future additions to the Functional Finnish Herbal Tea range!

Calm Sleep Herbal Tea

Good Morning Herbal Tea

Forest Detox Herbal Tea

Green Cleanse Herbal Tea 

Forest Defence & Green Cleanse

Let me tell you just a little bit more to get you as excited as I am…

Forest Defence is an herbal mixture that will boost your immune system, help fight away any flu and certainly push aside fatigue. It’s a mixture of powerful herbs and spices from the Finnish forest. Spruce sprouts are used in this mixture and they are known for their high vitamin C content, anti-inflammatory properties and antibacterial properties, great for the flu season or any time the immune system could use an extra hand! The aroma-rich blackcurrant leaf and ginger make an effective and irresistibly delicious combination with the spruce spouts guaranteeing and intensely delicious moment of indulgence, naturally caffeine free.

Like all of our products, our functional teas are no exception in that they can be used in various ways. May sound confusing, but the reality is, this is a great opportunity to try using our products in different manners, don’t be intimidated. Because we use no actual tea leaves, just pure and nutrient rich Finnish herbs, all our herbal teas are edible.  I for one know I love to finish my cup of tea by eating the soaked herbal mixtures mixed with a hint of honey, I know I’m getting all I can out of our powerful herbs!

So, try using out Forest Defence Herbal tea mixture in your smoothies or in cooking for example as a beautifully delicious spice for fish or vegetables.

Green Cleanse is a strong and delicious herbal mixture that will get you feeling detoxified, light and pure! It contains the purifying ingredients nettle and dandelion leaf, known for their detoxifying effects on the body. These are combined with dandelion root which has been said to support healthy bacterial balance in your gut while yarrow flowers are used in this mixture bringing their healthy purifying properties to the table. Green Cleanse will leave you feeling refreshed and purified. We can’t wait for you to try this strong mixture that has beautifully delicious tones of mint and parsley making it flavour rich and an indulgent experience!

Like all our herbal teas, this mixture uses no actual tea leaves and therefore it’s also delicious eaten with a bit of honey after drinking your cup of tea ;).

Stay tuned for more information and look our for our newcomers in our partners shops in the new year! Prepare for a fresh, light, healthy and nutritious start to the 2020 with our Functional Finnish Herbal tea range, it’s just the support we need to get the new year started with a good groove and a nutritious lifestyle.

We love to hear how you’re using our products, so don’t hesitate to tag us in a post or write us a message to share your ideas! We look forward to hearing how you’ve used our newcomers!

We have also added a new 100% compostable logo at the left corner of the pouches to remind you that our pouches are indeed 100% compostable.


Wishing you the best start to the new year,