Our National Treasure

Why we are so excited to work with METTÄ brand? All our inspiration comes from the Finnish forests. Annika and I both have struggled with some serious stress during our lives, the forests have always been a place for us that has ground us in the moment and given us answers for difficult questions. Finnish forests are such important national treasures, with all its free wild food and mindfulness services. Too often we Finns forget that and take for granted.

The more people learn to appreciate clean berries, herbs and mushrooms picked from the forests, the better change we have to protect the diversity of the forests compared to wood industry's or agricultures needs. For these reasons METTÄ’s main mission became to be a trusted Nordic natural products brand. We wanted to provide products that are easy to use and easy to understand using only the highest quality Nordic ingredients with nothing added and nothing removed guaranteeing clean food, high nutrient content and delicious 100% natural flavours. Flavours that will take you instantly to the mystical Finnish forests.

Nordic forest food is full of nutrients, flavours and natural goodness. Our berries have proven health benefits, our herbs are strong and can be used in a functional manner, our mushrooms are clean and full of flavour. METTÄ products use only these highest quality, natural ingredients that grow in the cleanest nature in the world, nourished by the cleanest water and the Midnight Sun in Finland.

METTÄ makes integrating these healthy, nutritious and delicious nordic forest flavours into your lifestyle easy by providing products that are easy to use and easy to understand from herbal teas to premium salts, natural sweeteners and healthy snacks. We bring all this to you in a sustainable manner so you are not only doing good for yourself, but also the planet. We package all our products in carefully built compostable pouches that protect the delicate flavours and nutrients while providing a sustainable option to plastic packaging. 

Happy Independence Day our dear Finland!


ps. Did you know that METTÄ is a traditional Finnish word meaning forest :)

finnish forest