Sweet & Naked Collaboration with the Sugar Daddies

One of our favourite wild herbs is the spruce sprout, it's also the main ingredient in our new Forest Defence Herbal Tea. Nutrient-rich spruce sprout tastes fresh and brings a tangy, citrus-like flavour that works nicely combines with anything sweet, like honey! 

So, why not combine it with the best, raw, naked, organic honey there is in Finland? Where to find this amazing good stuff? The answer lies 400km from Helsinki, in a small village called Isokyrö. From the clean nature of Central Finland you can find four daddies bringing you one of the finest organic, raw honeys that nature has ever produced. Let us present to you; Sugar Daddies: 


We're planning on launching a few Forest Flavour Honeys soon, in collaboration with the Daddies, stay tuned!