Thank You for this incredible journey taking Finnish wild food out to the world!

We have made the difficult decision to close our dear business in the autumn of 2023 and these pages will be closed soon. We thank all our customers and partners for this incredible journey taking Finnish wild food out to the world!

Unfortunately, after the effects of Covid and the war in Europe, we have calculated that the increased costs for raw materials, packaging and logistics would force us to raise our prices considerably so that our operations would be profitable with our current business model, values, and quality. 

In the current state of the world, we do not believe that these sort of price increases would be met by our customers. At the current time, we still have the opportunity to close our business responsibly and are able to repay all our debtors, without any drama involved.

Although it is of course sad and heartbreaking for us, the decision feels like the right one in this state of the world. It has been very important for us to make products using top-quality, Finnish raw materials, and to package the products in such a way that they leave as little a footprint on nature as possible.

We are not ready to give up on these value promises and we believe that our customers have appreciated our brand and products precisely because of these things.

Roosa and I have learned a LOT from this journey and who knows if we will somehow manage to put Finnish wild food on the world map in the future when the environment is more favourable again. 

Thank you, our wonderful customers and partners - you made this possible!