The Shortest Day of the Year

The shortest day of the year is coming up just before Christmas and it’s another great reason to turn to herbs for their powerful effects to help us cope with the shorter hours of daylight. For example, our Good Morning Herbal tea will wake you up feeling fresh and clear in your mind with its delicate flavours of raspberry leaf and marigold. I personally also feel like during this time of the year I tend to move less and turn inwards more. My body feels like its needs more rest and I advocate for listening to your body and feeding it with that it needs. One of the things that help me to feel invigorated and energized particularly during this time of the year is making a cleansing blend of nettle and dandelion leaf tea. I simply mix our Nettle Leaf and Dandelion Leaf herbal crushes into a pot of tea and add a dash of honey for some sweetness.

If you like the idea of cleansing herbal teas, you’ll be happy to hear we are working hard to bring you a new range of Functional Finnish Herbal Teas in the new year! To read more about it, stay tuned for a new years greeting from us telling you more…

For now, enjoy Christmas time, a time for family, loved ones, rest and calmness. Tune into yourself, listen to your needs and share this time with those around you. We wish you a calm, delicious and nutritiously delightful Christmas time.

With love,

Roosa & Annika

pics: Aino Huotari