Wild Christmas Recipes

If you’re looking for something just a little bit different this Christmas, try some of our recipes METTÄ nordic. We have created a delicious set of recipes using our nutritious forest flavours! Try filtering our recipes for the filter ‘Christmas’ and find some exciting ideas and suggestions!

Forest flavours suit perfectly for the Christmas table and bring a welcome boost of nutrients and new flavours while respecting the traditions. Our METTÄ flavours are all vegan, so don’t worry about fitting everyone’s diet! Try sprinkling some forest goodness like Porcini salt or Nettle pesto onto any Christmas dish for an easy and exciting twist or take a look at our recipes section on our webpage for many more ideas.

My favourite at this time of the year is making a warm Birch-Lingonberry drink. Lingonberries are being researched more and more for their health benefits as well so this drink will not only taste great but will also give you an additional nutrient boost and help your body cope with the shortest days of the year.

Annika & Roosa