Wild Herb Courses 2020

Like each spring, the time has come to get excited about foraging! We are once again organizing wild herb foraging courses through our Helsinki Wildfoods collective. Helsinki Wildfoods offers workshops that take you on a guided tour of Finnish nature. Through Helsinki Wildfoods, we offer foraging walks, where we share our knowledge on how to gather the most common wild herbs, mushrooms and berries from Finnish meadows and forests. In addition to foraging walks, we offer Finnish herbal sauna retreats, natural movement workouts and forest bathing workshops (wildfulness).

Our public workshops are held mainly in Finnish, but we are happy to offer them also in English or Swedish. You can find upcoming workshops in English from Foraging in Finland. Or, for a private or tailored event just for your group, please contact us via email workshops@helsinkiwildfoods.com.

See the course schedule 2020 here:


More info in English about the courses: