Roseroot + Sea Buckthorn Power Drink

Wherever you are working, take your coffee/tea break outside!

Our tea break contains a bottle of Roseroot herbal tea enriched with a shot of 100% organic sea buckthorn berry juice concentrate, sweeted with Honey & Spruce. A mix that will for sure keep you going, yet it’s naturally caffeine-free.


Brew METTÄ Roserooot Crush according to the instructions on the package and the 1-2 shots of 100% Sea Buckthorn Juice concentrate per 2dl of tea and 1-2 tsp of Finnish Honey & Spruce. Mix well and enjoy mildly heated or cold.

Do you know why roseroot grown in the North is so effective? Before harvesting, the plant (roots) develops active substances for 4-5 years in the arctic soil as it struggles through harsh winter frosts and during the summer time enjoys the light of the midnight sun and nightless night. The very unusual and demanding growing conditions force the plant to develop active super powers to survive 👊🌿

Sea buckthorn berry is full of vitamin C and beta-carotenoid, that our bodies convert into vitamin A.

Try combining these two, + Finnish honey & Spruce if you need sweetness, and enjoy daily. This + time spend outdoors = the best natural shield against winter fatigue!


Ruusujuuri + tyrni voimajuoma

Hauduta METTÄ Ruusujuuri rouhetta pakkauksen ohjeen mukaan ja lisää 1-2 shottia kylmäpuristettua 100% tyrnimehutiivistettä joukkoon. Sekoita hyvin ja nauti hieman lämmitettynä tai kylmänä.

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