Spruce Crackers & Green Latte

Snack time? How about something wild, sweet, green and healthy? Our new METTÄ Forest Honeys are perfect of top crackers or toasted bread etc. Just carry a jar with you in your lunch basket and enjoy super tasty snacks wherever you are.

Spruce-Ginger Green Latte is a great alternative to your regular coffee. To prepare one cup: Mix matcha green tea powder according to the instructions on the package, add 1/4 tsp of Freeze-dried Spruce Powder from Arctic Warriors for example and 1/4 tsp of Organic Ginger Powder from Foodin for example. Enjoy with some oat milk and METTÄ Honey & Spruce. ps. Stay tuned fow new METTÄ products, we are working on new Forest Infusions which will be great bases for green lattes ;).

METTÄ Forest Honeys


METTÄ Forest Honeys

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