Spruce-Xylitol Drink

METTÄ spruce drink
Ice cold natural juices and drinks are perfect for summer. Spruce sprouts (spruce tips) are super tasty and easy ingredients to use in drinks. Spruce sprouts have a lemon like flavour and they are packed with vitamin C and other good stuff. Sprouts are also quick to gather, it takes only a few minutes to pick a few handfuls of these. Note that you need the landowner's permission to pick these. 
METTÄ spruce tips drink

Spruce-Xylitol Drink

7dl of fresh (or frozen) spruce sprouts
3l of water
1 large organic orange or lemon, flesh and peel
1dl of xylitol
Heat the water and boil the spruce sprouts in boiling water for 20 minutes. Take off from the stove and add xylitol while stirring well. Add in the orange/lemon flesh and peel into the mixture. Stir well. Let sit at least 12 hours in the refrigerator. Sift the lovely green liquid to a clean glass bottle. Serve ice cold with few spruce sprouts.
METTÄ spruce tips drink

The xylitol we use comes from the wood industry. Originally, all xylitol was made from the Birch tree. However, today, xylitol is produced in a number of ways. For us, sustainability is a core value and this is why we have chosen to use xylitol that is not only of the highest quality, but is also sustainable. 

Our xylitol is produced in Finland using the side stream fibre waste from the European wood industry, meaning less waste and more delicious, sustainable culinary adventures!



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