Spruce Sprouts Products / Kuusenkerkkätuotteet

Spruce sprouts are deliciously bitter, bright green, young tips of spruce trees that are found on the end of the branches in spring time. Spruce sprouts are increasingly popular year by year, especially in the Nordic countries, and for good reason. Spruce sprouts are very nutritious superfood that also taste amazing and are easy to use!

Spruce sprouts taste like citrus fruit, think lemon or lime with a hint of Nordic forest freshness and purity. They are wonderfully fluffy and fresh and are perfect to spice up everything you would normally season with lemon.  You can use these little treasures to create wonderful sauces for fish and vegetable dishes, dips, pestos and salad dressings, for example. Spruce sprouts are perfect for seasoning drinks like liqueurs, other summer drinks and kombuchas and to add extra flavour and a welcome nutrient boost to smoothies and juices. They can also be used to make tea or ice tea. Spruce sprouts are often used to season ice creams and sorbets and are well suited to creating flavoured honeys and syrups.

Prepare for winter by preserving the spruce sprouts. This can be done by freezing, drying, extracting, or dipping them in honey.

Spruce sprouts are a real health bomb! Traditionally,  they has been ingested for their invigorating and refreshing effects. Spruce sprouts contain, in particular, vitamins C, K and A as well as antioxidants.

Spruce sprouts are only collected in spring and early summer, as from late summer, spruce sprouts turn into hard, wooden needles. The foraging of spruce sprouts always requires the permission of the landowner. Finland has the cleanest nature in the world, and with great pride we want to share this wonderful forest flavour across the globe! We buy our spruce sprouts from Satakunta area or Lapland, both in Finland. The spruce sprouts we use are either air-dried or freeze-dried, depending on the product. 

You can find spruces in the following METTÄ products: