METTÄ Product Catalogue Spring 2019

Why Nordic food?

Nordic native plants are true superfoods filled with antioxidants,  vitamins and polyphenols.

Nordic plants grow from soil that is frozen for about 6 months of the year making it pure and clean and low in pesticide residues. They gain their power from the midnight sun and the cleanest air and water in the world from our more than 250 000 lakes and the largest certified organic forest area in the world! Could there be a more healthy and nutritious growing ground?

Nordic countries enjoy four seasons and our special agro-climatic circumstances makes our plants so unique.

  • Long, cold winters that purify the soil and enable us to use less pesticides and less pesticide residues are found in our soil
  • Endless summer nights with up to 24 hours of sunlight enabling our native plants to fill themselves up with nutrients and minerals
  • Finland has been found to have the cleanest nature in the world