Roosa Heinilä

Roosa’s journey as en entrepreneur began while studying for a second master's degree in Environmental Management. She joined the Helsinki Wildfoods team initially just for one summer to bring in a fresh business perspective....but this one summer happily turned into an autumn, a winter and a few more years on top of that. Besides this history, important fact; her favourite plant is the goutweed. It's super tasty, easy to use fresh or cooked in smoothies or pies AND it’s her go-to plant for getting magnesium for her long runs in the mountains and surf sessions by the seaside. 
For Roosa, the forest is her place of calm and home as well as her favourite training environment with its natural bumps and curves that offer an extra challenge to running. Having moved around the world all her life, it’s the place where she feels the most grounded, its like a home coming from a busy day, week or year! Roosa’s also a forest bathing / forest immersion teacher and loves to share her passion for nature and the outdoors with others.