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Transparency and integrity are what we base our business on. To stand behind our quality promise, we happily share where our products come from and how they are made and packed, which by the way, takes place 100% in Finland.


Our Products have been approved by an independent third party review and curated as 'responsible'. See more at Ostavastuullisesti.fi 
METTÄ products are made of entirely pure and natural ingredients, with nothing ever added not taken away from them. ALL of the herbs, berries and mushrooms we use in our products come from Finland, where according to research done by Yale University, we have the cleanest air, land and water. When we talk about food and nutritious and delicious flavours, is there a better place to source from, than the cleanest nature in the world? Read more about why Nordic food here


All of our herbs come from Finland. Our dear friend and supplier Yrtti Paja / Nordic Herbs Oy works hard in the eastern part of Finland to produce the highest quality wild and naturally cultivated Nordic herbs. These herbs grow in the cleanest soil in the world, are fed by the cleanest air and water and are nourished by the Nordic midnight sun. They are packed with nutrients and delicious flavour. 
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All the berries we use come from Finland, either from Kiantama or Kaskein Marja. They are either growing wild or naturally cultivated. Berries that grow in the Nordic forests have been found to be that extra bit strong in terms of their vitamin, mineral and nutrient contents. The berries we use, are either freeze-dried or air-dried.
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Bilberry / Wild Blueberry


All the mushrooms we use come from Finland. Our supplier Kaavi Porcini produces mushrooms from the cleanest nature that are growing wild in our Nordic forests. They are carefully hand picked and immediately dried to safeguard their delicate flavour and high nutrient content.
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The xylitol we use is delightfully sustainable, as it comes from the side stream waste from the wood industry. Originally, all xylitol was made from the Birch tree. However today, xylitol is produced in a number of ways. For us, sustainability is a core value and this is why we have chosen to use xylitol that is not only of the highest quality, but is also sustainable in the nature it is made. 

Our xylitol is produced in Finland using the side stream fibre waste from the European wood industry, meaning less waste and more delicious, sustainable culinary adventures!


The salt we use is of two different origins. Why so? Quality is our promise, and to make the highest quality, best possible products, we carefully select the suitable salt that brings out the flavours in the our products in the best way.

Our flake salt used in our Porcini Salt comes from Norway. Our partner company, a family company in Norway, North Sea Salt Works produces the highest quality, delicious and sustainably produced Nordic flake salt. They use only 100% renewable energy in their salt production and are also working in every manner to produce organic salt, should it become certifiable in the EU.

Our fine salt is the well-known and highly valued Guerande natural sea salt. The salt is unrefined and unbleached. It has been granted the French Nature et Progrès eco-friendly certificate. 


The honey used in METTÄ products is 100% Finnish, highest quality honey from small suppliers. Our Forest Honey is produced for us by Nordic Bee Co., which operates in Uusimaa. Read more from METTÄ Finnish Honey & Forest Flavours.


We are proud to say ALL of our production and packing takes place in Finland, guaranteeing fair, safe, clean and high quality packing that safeguards the naturally delicate ingredients and flavours we use and supports good working conditions. 


We can all do our part for helping our planet and safeguarding our nature. When it comes to food packaging, we believe there is a lot of work still to be done. We try to do our best and that is why we are happy and proud to say that our packaging is 100% compostable, including the reseal zipper and the stickers! It has the OK-Compost certificate EN 13432 and can be disposed of with biowaste or alternatively with carton recycling. 

Our 100% compostable METTÄ packaging has the EU certificate EN 13432. We are happy about this, but there are many challenges we still face regarding finding the best possible packaging in terms of quality. Many times, we have asked ourselves, is this the best possible option for us? It’s not as straight forward as we'd like to evaluate the impact of different package options and for a small company like us, it’s also very expensive. However, reading news about micro-plastic seizing our soil and waters and even the air we breathe makes us remember why it’s worth every tear, trouble and extra euro, at least from our perspective. There’s still a lot of educating the consumer that needs to be done. For example, our sticker doesn’t shine because we choose not to have a coating for the label that is usually made from plastic. Our label might not look as fancy, but buying a non-shiny sticker will make you feel better, perhaps, knowing you've made the plastic-free choice. With our best effort and knowledge at the moment, we know that even our 100% compostable packaging has its impact on nature. There’s a lot of discussion on the matter as to what kind of material is best in terms of minimal impact. We have chosen to always look for a packaging that is as environmentally friendly as possible based on the information available to us, even if it means it’s the hardest way and involves extra effort and euros.

You find our "I'm 100% compostable" logo from all our pouches, front left corner.

The packaging is at the moment manufactured in Estonia via Navipak company.


compostable packaging


compostable packaging