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mettä gift box

Give a piece of the Nordic forest as a beautiful, delicious and environmentally friendly corporate gift for your clients or to thank your employees. 

To place an order, please e-mail us your enquiry to
The gift offers the best parts of the Nordic forest from mushrooms berries and herbs, all packaged in 100% compostable pouches and made in Finland. We also offer a recipe booklet with photos to make your culinary journey easy and enjoyable. 
METTÄ gift package is suitable for any culinary enthusiast or nature lover be they old or young, vegetarian, vegan, nut free or any and all in! Imagine having 100% pure and natural Nordic superfood flavours to add to your cooking.  Our Porcini Salt, Nettle Pesto and a sweet Lingonberry Xylitol invite you on a culinary adventure. 
To place an order, please e-mail us your enquiry to
We have two gift packages available at a special price!
mettä gift box

STANDARD GIFT: 23 € + shipping + VAT

There is no minimum order quantity on the standard gift. 


PERSONALISED GIFT: 27€ + shipping + VAT

The minimum order quantity on the personalised gift is 60 pieces. 


DO IT YOURSELF GIFT: DISCOUNT of 2€ per gift package

  • You do the packing: either the standard gift or the personalised gift sent to your address where the gift boxes need to be folded to be ready for use and the products need to be packed inside. 
  • Products are sent in product cases, one case has 8 products. 
  • gift boxes are sent in flat form and need to be assembled (simple folding)
  • Minimum order quantity for do it yourself standard gift package is 8 gift boxes. 
  • Minimum order quantity for do it yourself personalised gift package is 64 gift packages. 


mettä gift box